Local bakery supports first responders around the country

Local bakery supports first responders around the country

Amarillo, TX - A local bakery is gaining national attention after showing their sweet support for first responders.

People from across the country are asking for a product made right here in Amarillo. And the cause...supporting law enforcement and all that they do.

Belmar Bakery is showing people not only locally, but around the country...just what sets their cookies apart.

They have decided to show support for first responders by decorating their cookies with symbolic messages and the response has exploded over night.

"We posted it on Facebook and it just went wild," says Manager Linda Giles. "We had over 25,000 hits on it. We had people calling from all across the country to order these cookies to be shipped to them. We shipped out so many yesterday, that we had to cut it off. We couldn't keep up with the demand."

But they've since started orders again. All day, first responders from around the panhandle were in and out to get their share and support their fellow officers.

"Here in the Texas panhandle, especially in Amarillo, the support that we receive from law enforcement, from our fire department, it's great. We truly appreciate all the support," says Danny Perez with the Amarillo Police Department.

Funds from the cookies will go to local first responders to aid with any of their necessities. Giles says they will continue to sell the cookies for as long as there is a demand. While the gesture seems small, it is clear local law enforcement is grateful for it.

"The citizens when we go out and make the calls and we intermingle with the community, they tell us that they're behind us, that they support and it makes us feel great. We're really fortunate," says Perez.

"Thanks to all the guys for their support of us everyday," says Giles. This is just a small thing that we can do to show how we appreciate it."