Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11
Dewayne Huckaby, Amarillo Fire Department
Dewayne Huckaby, Amarillo Fire Department

Amarillo, TX - Fourteen years ago our nation faced the worst attack in it's history.

Today, as we look back on  the tragedy of 9/11, we also look to honor our local first responders, who work to keep us safe every day.

It's an event that shook our nation to it's core. And while our nation may seem divided at times, today, we stand together.

The first tower is struck just after 8:30 a.m. by a plane flown by a terrorist. It was in that moment, our nation would never be the same.

Flash forward 14 years, and you'll find us here, in Amarillo, Texas. We may be thousands of miles away from ground zero, but the attack still hits close to home...our home.

"It was totally shocking," Dewayne Huckaby, a Driver for the Amarillo Fire Department, said. "Totally in awe. My heart sank. It was unbelievable. Something that, you know, you don't think of ever happening."

Cpt. Eugene Lofgren, for AFD, remembers the day as well.

"Of course I remember watching it and thinking there was some kind of bad accident that happened," Lofgren said. "And then of course it wasn't just a few minutes later that we realized that it wasn't just a bad accident, and that we were being attacked."

The lives of 2,753 first responders and citizens were lost that day. Law enforcement and fire officials said they were family.

"Those people that died, it doesn't matter where they are," Sheriff Brian Thomas with Potter County, said. "It's like you just take a little knife and cut yourself because that's what it feels like. A part of you has died today."

Huckaby agrees.

"I think you have to understand what it is to be a firefighter. What the job requires. And anybody who is willing to do that job, is pretty much... well, it's a brotherhood."

To honor those brothers and sisters lost, local first responders stopped to recognize the fight and passion of their colleagues with a moment of silence.

It's moments like these that unify our nation, and help us to remember exactly why America is called the home of the brave. 9/11 was a day where our country stood together, regardless of the opinions of our neighbor or the political affiliation of our peers.

"If somebody calls us for service, we go try to help them and take care of their needs," Cpt. Lofgren, said. "And we don't ever worry about that other stuff."

Sheriff Thomas said law enforcement is here for the public.

"We want to be here for you. And we appreciate everything they've done for us. Everything."

First responders sealed today with a prayer, and promised to always serve, protect, and never forget.