G2X Energy hoping to bring prosperity to Pampa

G2X Energy hoping to bring prosperity to Pampa

Pampa, TX - An energy plant in Pampa is helping fuel their economy and workforce.

In the U.S. alone, there are sufficient natural gas resources to eliminate oil imports for the next 30 years.G2X in Pampa is now open and hoping to to help with that elimination.

It began producing methanol months ago, but today those who work for G2X celebrated all of their feats. The plant is officially complete.

The Pampa location is now shipping their product across the nation to provide Americans with an alternate energy source.
Pampa City Manager Shane Stokes says the facility has been nothing but beneficial to the area.

"They've been really good," says Stokes. "They came to town and they had a lot of construction workers here in Pampa while they were completing the plant. I think they've got between 35-40 full time employees out there so they've been good for Pampa."

Stokes says there is a strong possibility for even more expansion. The company will likely take on another series of hires as time progresses. G2X has also had an impact on the economy in Pampa.

"The employees that have come to work out there have bought houses and they're buying groceries and spending money in the community, so it's really a good thing," says Stokes.

As for Stokes' hopes for the future of the plant...prosperity and stability for those around the city.

"I hope they have great success. I think they will and  I would like to see them expand in the future and bring more employees and it just helps Pampa diversify a little bit more so we're not so dependent on the oil and gas and anything we can do to diversify and that way doing slow times when the oil price is down like it is, we have other things that can kind of carry us through."