Humane Society needs your help

Humane Society needs your help

Amarillo TX - Every week around 80 dogs and cats get euthanized in Amarillo. The Amarillo Humane Society has more dogs and cats come through the doors than in the entire state of Colorado, and adoption isn't the only way you can save a life. 

If you can't adopt an animal from the shelter they ask you to consider fostering. It is less commitment and taking them out of the shelter helps their chances of finding a forever home. Fostering takes them off list for euthanasia and gives the shelter more time to find the animal permanent placement.

Robin Cupell, the Assistant Director of the Amarillo Humane Society says, "If you may not be in a position to adopt yet, fostering could be a really good option. Its temporary and you're still saving a life and you're still getting an animal out of the shelter but it's not going to be your animal forever.

A little Chihuahua is available for adoption and fostering. He has been in the shelter for awhile and they fear they can't keep him much longer. He really needs your help to save his life.

Changes made at the Humane Society in Amarillo are helping to keep the animals alive. Thanks to the  director of the Amarillo Humane Society, dogs and cats get some extra time to find a home.

At the end of last year a new policy took effect that gave the animals a five day minimum stay at the shelter instead of the statewide minimum of 72 hours. This gives the shelter more time to find fosters or forever homes for the animals.

There is also a new program called Rescue Partners that sends dogs to different part of the country, the hope is a better chance of being adopted.

Robin also says "We have rescue partners all over the US, we have some as far as Maine and we have sent some to California they go all over the place. These groups step up, They have the ability to take on more animals. They may have a shortage where we have a surplus."

All of the cats at the shelter are available for adoption. They are very friendly and are looking for their forever homes. It is important to remember that some of the cats you saw will be taken to PETCO to try to get them adopted more quickly.

For more information on fostering or adoption call the Humane Society at (806) 373-1716 or visit their website  at