Local parents upset over missing YMCA trophies

Local parents upset over missing YMCA trophies

Amarillo, TX - Wee Ball was the last program the local YMCA coordinated before it closed its doors. The parents of dozens of children paid to be in this program that included a trophy at the end.

While it might seem meaningless to some, many parents are upset the trophy was never given to their children.

3-year-old Michael Marsh was eager to get his Wee Ball trophy at the end of the season, but he didn't get one. According to other parents, neither did other kids on Michael's team. Michael's mother, Michelle said she paid $60 for her son to be in the program -- money that included a trophy.

"When I called the YMCA about the trophies, the lady told us the coaches were given adequate time and notice to pick up the trophies. I know our coach tried very hard to get our trophies," said Marsh.

Marsh adds that the woman over the phone told her they threw the trophies in the dumpster and there was nothing that could be done about it.

"We bought and paid for those trophies. Those trophies belong to 3 and 4-year-old children and it's not the YMCA's discretion to throw them out," said Marsh.

NewsChannel 10 reached out to the YMCA, but the Chief Executive Director Cindy Platt declined to comment. Ex YMCA board member, Judy Stark released this statement:

"The YMCA was sold and officially ceased operating all locations on August 1, 2015. The last program the YMCA coordinated was the Wee Ball program, which many children participated in and enjoyed. Each coach of the Wee Ball program was notified that their team's trophies had to be picked up prior to August 1st. All coaches were well aware of the sale of the YMCA and were notified to pick the trophies up. Apparently some coaches complied and some did not."

Stark also said over the phone she was sad for those children who did not receive the trophies.

"We had so many insurmountable deadlines, no time and no help. We did all we could to see to it that every detail was covered," said Stark.

Marsh says her issue isn't about the money she spent, but rather taking the sentimental moment away from her son.

"For parents, you like to see your children have fun and when they're asking where their trophy is, you don't have an answer for them and you feel like a bad parent," said Marsh.

Stark said the trophies could be with Hoops 10, the basketball organization that took over the YMCA. NewsChannel 10 reached out to that organization but hasn't heard back.