Prostate Cancer Screening Could Save Your Life

Prostate Cancer Screening Could Save Your Life

Prostate Cancer is the second largest cancer related death in the United Stated behind lung cancer. 

Prostate Cancer is a silent killer among middle aged men, and a simple blood test could help save your life. The American Cancer Society estimates more than 27,000 men in the United States will die this year from Prostate Cancer. 

The PSA test is one of the most effective ways to detect the cancer. The test is easy and simply giving your blood could save your life.

Dr. Richard Kibbey says"There's no real symptoms. That's why you need a screening test and the best screening test we have now is still PSA."

It tests for PSA or prostate specific antigens that are produced only in the prostate. Dr. Kibbey also says that high PSA levels do not always mean cancer it could also detect an infection. I talked with Buddy Squyres a prostate cancer survivor who says that the PSA test saved his life.

"Absolutely, the test I mean again is just a simple blood test. Its nothing to be afraid of and of course they were testing for a lot of things but of course the PSA levels, that saved my life."

As a survivor Buddy contributed to the friends of Fogelburg Concert a benefit to raise awareness for prostate cancer and all the proceeds helped fund a free prostate cancer screening taking place this Saturday from 9 to 1 at the Cancer Survivorship Center at 4514 Cornell Street Suite B, Amarillo TX.

"It's free and I mean your a fool if you don't take advantage of it. If you paid for a blood test it would be well over $100 and this one is free."