UPDATE: Officer involved in head-on collision in critical condition

UPDATE: Officer involved in head-on collision in critical condition

UPDATE: Officer Scherlen remains in critical condition. Further investigation into Tuesday's collision revealed the jeep did have its headlights on, according to officials. The Amarillo Police Department says the jeep's lights shorted out upon impact and gave the impression the lights were never turned on at all.

Police are also ruling out excessive speed as a contributing factor in the crash. Data from the vehicle is also being analyzed as the investigation continues. The driver of the Jeep is identified as Brian David Moody. Moody has not been charged with any criminal offense and no citations have been issued. The incident will remain under investigation.

More from the Amarillo Police Department:

"Officer Scherlen is an 11-year veteran of the Amarillo Police Department who is assigned to the Uniform Division. Officer Scherlen is also on the APD's Honor Guard and a member of the Dive Team. Scherlen remains in critical condition.The Scherlen family is asking for prayers not only for Justin, but for the other driver as well."


Amarillo, TX -  An Amarillo Police Officer is in critical condition after being involved in a head-on collision while on duty.

Officer Justin Scherlen was responding to a routine call when he was struck directly by a Jeep that crossed into his lane around 6:40 Tuesday morning.

A Jeep heading on 34th crossed into the middle lane, hitting Scherlen's vehicle. When crews arrived, the jaws of life had to be used to extract officer Scherlen.

As of Tuesday afternoon, officer Scherlen was surgery and considered to be in critical condition. APD tells us he has suffered multiple injuries to his hips, legs and back.

We are told the driver of the Jeep is in good condition.

At this time it is unknown what the circumstances of the driver of the Jeep was prior to being involved in the collision.