Residents in Fritch are coming together to straighten up the city

Residents in Fritch are coming together to straighten up the city

Fritch, TX - What started out as a Facebook post has now grown into a community outreach for locals looking to clean up the city, as well as boost morale.

"I raised my children here, My grandchildren are here and the city used to be much different before we had all our problems," said Fritch resident, Cheryl Blackwell.

Blackwell says most people in Fritch tend to dwell on the negative things that have happened here, whether it be the financial struggles within the city or the wildfire that destroyed over 200 homes in May of 2014.

"We want to bring the community back together and make it a happy place to live again," said Blackwell.

In an effort to do that, a group was started called 'Project Fritch America'. Blackwell joined in hoping to straighten up the city of Fritch.

Fritch resident, Silver Welch started the group. "It's where the community is pulling together and trying to get it cleaned up again," said Stacy McFall with the group's fundraising committee.

Since mid-August, residents have been volunteering to mow people's lawns, paint old buildings and clean up the city's parks. The city quickly backed this new group's efforts.

"We got some of the equipment from the city to use if we needed it to mow. We have to sign a waiver to use it, but Steve McKay has made it accessible to us," said McFall.

The group is also using clean up efforts to prepare the city for 'Howdy Neighbor Day', an annual community celebration. Something Blackwell says will also help bring the city back together.

"I think it's very important for the city's morale. It's a happy day that takes you away from all the complaining," said Blackwell.

'Project Fritch America' is also talking about planning some other events for the community, like a fall festival and Christmas parade.