Amarillo firefighters get Labor Day meal for their service

Amarillo firefighters get Labor Day meal for their service

Amarillo, TX - An Amarillo fire station was provided a meal on Labor Day thanks to Olive Garden.

First Responders don't get to relax on Labor Day, and Olive Garden wants to thank them for their continued service to our community.

Four people have to be at Amarillo Fire Station 9 at all times and this includes holidays. For over a decade Olive Garden has been providing a meal on Labor Day for first responders. All 843 restaurants across the U.S. have delivered lunch to local EMS workers or other first responders in their area. 

"Every Olive Garden in the Country on Labor Day does what we call a Hospitaliano runs" says Amarillo Olive Garden General Manager Randall Marlatt, "and basically what that is, is we will go to our fire stations and police departments and we deliver a meal for them. "

This year the Amarillo Olive Garden chose to provide food for Fire Station 9 and the station had no idea that the food was coming and they are thankful for the support. 

Captain Dee LeGrone says "we appreciate the community support especially on Labor Day and for the employees that have to work that don't get to take a holiday. It feels good to know that people are out there supporting us."

Olive Garden left a big meal for the men, they usually cook their own meals so Monday's surprise was a burden lifted off their shoulders. The chain says it likes to give back to the first responders thanking them for their ongoing service to the community. 

"They sometimes don't get enough recognition for their day to day activities and for us it's a way to say thank you for serving the community," said Marlatt.       

The Olive Garden in Amarillo says they choose a different group each year to make sure they thank all our local first responders.