North & Southbound lanes of US 287 between Childress & Memphis now open

North & Southbound lanes of US 287 between Childress & Memphis now open

Memphis TX - US Highway 287 near Childress is finally open after being closed for nearly 3 days. 

This was the worst chemical spill Talon Construction Company has ever seen. 1800 gallons of hazardous liquid leaked into the soil after a tractor trailer carrying PVC solvent over tuned into the median. First responders on the scene knew this was a dangerous spill and after arriving crews knew that the area needed to be evacuated.

Hull County Sheriff Tom Henks says, "we had to determine what the chemical was and after we determined what the chemical was it has an evacuation notice so we evacuated and shut off the area."

One family who lived across the street were told they needed to leave. They told me they took their two dogs and did not return until over 24 hour later.

Crews from Amarillo, and other surrounding cities worked tirelessly to try to clean up the wreck but that was no easy task. The crews faced sharp metal and other hazards before they even could start to clean up the spill.

Sandy Jefferson from Talon Construction recalled "The trailer in two pieces, it was shredded, the metal on the truck was shredded in some places. now not only do we have a chemical hazard for our personnel now we have the added danger of the fragments of the metal truck. 

The group of 18 people who were dressed in full gear, sometimes could only work for 10 minutes in the heat.