Two wanted for kidnapping, aggravated battery

Two wanted for kidnapping, aggravated battery

CLOVIS - The Clovis Police Department is looking for two men believed to be involved in a late August incident that left another man stabbed.

Police say Darrell Morgan, 31, and Francisco Lujan, 32, are wanted for for Kidnapping, Aggravated Battery, and Intimidation of a State Witness among other charges.

Morgan and Lujan are suspected of stabbing another man at a Clovis residence on August 31, according to police. The unidentified 27-year-old male had gone to the residence to speak with Morgan, but officials say the two attacked the victim after they believed he alerted police about criminal activity.

The victim told police he had a gun pointed at his chest by Morgan. The two wrestled for the firearm, and Lujan intervened by trying to stab the victim in the neck. The male was suffering from various injuries when he was found by police, including a knife wound to his hand.

Police discovered multiple stolen firearms while later searching the home. Arrest warrants have been issued for Morgan and Lujan.

If you have any information about these two men or the crime, you are asked to contact the Clovis Police Department at 575.763.9423.