Parents Beware: New app hides pictures

Parents Beware: New app hides pictures

Parents be on the lookout for a new iPhone app that could help your child hide pictures from you.

It's called calculator%, and officials say that kids could be using this app to hide inappropriate pictures from their parents. The app is a fully functional calculator, making it almost impossible for parents to know that photos are hidden just a pass-code away.

School officials warn that if parents don't know this isn't a true calculator app or their child's pass-code they cannot see what is hidden. Officials also say that checking your children's phone regularly could keep these types of apps off their phones.

Wallace Jones, the School Resource Officer for River Road School District says "Yeah, just be proactive with your kids phones, you need to be in the phone. That's the Biggest push I have,  if you haven't looked at your kids phone on a daily basis, you need to. Because they know how to delete they know how to hide especially with these apps, they're hiding stuff."

If you delete the app all of the contents are also deleted and not stored on the phone. This app is can only be downloaded on iPhones and not any Android devices. Officials remind parents to stay alert to what kinds of apps your child is downloading on their phone.