WTAMU gearing up for first "wet" football season

WTAMU gearing up for first "wet" football season

Amarillo, TX -  Officials tell us changes in city ordinances may have an impact on this season's sporting events.

In November, residents of the City of Canyon voted to make the city "wet" allowing alcohol sales and with the WT tailgate season starting, officers tell us they are well prepared.

It's the "traditional" college way...when football season rolls around, so does tailgating and so does alcohol.

But the City of Canyon is fairly new to the notion.

They just began selling alcohol this year and with West Texas A&M University in their city, they are gearing up for the first "wet" football season.

"It's a very good history," says officer Jack Hildebrand. "There's only been a few occasions from time to time but usually the fans here are very good here in Canyon games and we hope that that history trend will continue as it has in the past."

The South East portion of the parking lot in Kimbrough stadium is designated for drinking alcohol. But no alcohol is allowed beyond that, including in the stadium.

Officer Hildebrand says WT Police will be patrolling the area with special eye on those drinking. If someone does get out of hand, they have zero tolerance.

"Certainly if that comes to pass, citations can be issued and depending upon the behavior some people can be arrested. We certainly don't want that to occur but certainly we want for the safety of all, everyone to abide by the you know good habits and things while attending the game," says Hildebrand.

Hildebrand says officers will also be busy with other problems that arise with people consuming alcohol...but wants those attending to keep a few things in mind.

"We certainly don't encourage any underage drinking but we do encourage a designated driver for those that do," says Hildebrand. "As you drive to the game, we certainly want you to you know drive and park in appropriate areas and certainly be cautious of all the pedestrians that'll be going to the game this evening but we would love everyone to have a great time but a good safe time as they attend what should be a very good game tonight."

This new protocol of a designated drinking area will remain in place for the remainder of the year.