UPDATE: Chemical spill cleared, North and Southbound lanes of US 287 between Childress & Memphis now open

UPDATE: Chemical spill cleared, North and Southbound lanes of US 287 between Childress & Memphis now open

UPDATE: Friday, September 4th, 6 a.m.

Both North and Southbound lanes of US 287 between Childress and Memphis are now open.

Traffic is running normal.


UPDATE: Thursday, September 3rd, 2 p.m.

US 287 is still closed between Childress and Memphis.

US 287 southbound traffic is diverted in Memphis onto SH 256, then to US 83 and back onto US 287.

US 287 northbound traffic is diverted in Childress onto US 83, then to SH 256 and back onto US 287 in Memphis.

Cleanup efforts resumed Wednesday morning. Crews will also remove contaminated soil in the ditches. No definite time yet on the reopening of the roadway.

Officials with TxDOT say the hazardous chemical spill that happened Tuesday, contained 1500 gallons of a chemical used to make PVC pipes, material that is known to cause a breathing hazard.

A voluntary evacuation order was issued for a half mile radius. First responders noticed trouble breathing and irritated eyes while on scene, but were treated and released.


UPDATE: According to TxDOT US Highway 287 will continue to be shut down until sometime Wednesday morning.

Hazmat crews are still on the scene working to clean up the material that spilled from a tractor trailer earlier Tuesday morning.

There is no word on a specific time when the highway will be reopened to traffic.

Emergency personnel who reported irritation and difficulty breathing have been treated and released.


From The Department of Public Safety:

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has responded to a critical material incident in Hall County early this morning.
At approximately 2:30 a.m., a truck tractor tanker-trailer hauling an unknown type material used in the manufacture of PVC pipe, overturned on US Highway 287 and County Road K, which is 10 miles south of Memphis, Texas. Approximately 1500 gallons of this material has spilled and is a known inhalation hazard.
For the safety of the public, US 287 southbound traffic is being diverted in Memphis onto State Highway 256, then to US 83, and back onto US 287, while US 287 northbound traffic is being diverted in Childress onto US 83, to SH 256, and back onto US 287. This detour is expected to be in place until midnight so that crews can clean up the spill.
A voluntary evacuation order has been issued for areas within ½ mile of the scene. First responders on scene are reporting breathing difficulty and burning eyes and are seeking medical attention. Responding agencies: DPS Texas Highway Patrol, DPS Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, Hall County Sheriff's Office and a local fire department.


CHILDRESS, TX. - Traffic is shut down on US 287 in Hall County just North of Childress and is expected to be closed for several hours.

Hazmat crews are at the scene where a truck overturned in the median and hazardous material is spilling out.

Traffic is being diverted to State Highway 256 and US 83. Memphis is also seeing traffic rerouted at one intersection.

TxDOT message boards are warning drivers of the alert and will display direction to Northbound drivers as well.