New Task Force Gets Underway Tuesday

New Task Force Gets Underway Tuesday

Many counties have come together to try to combat auto and trailer theft and the new task force will be in action starting tomorrow helping to stop the theft of cars and trailers.

The new auto theft prevention team will be made up of 16 area counties and the force is designed to improve communication between counties to better recover  stolen property.

NewsChannel 10 spoke with Fritch Police Chief Monte Leggett who says this new force is helpful to smaller police stations which don't have the resources to devote to finding the stolen cars or trailers.

Leggett also says "we're a small city with limited resources, limited officers and we take any help we can. we want to cooperate with all the counties that are involved to help deter any kind of theft."

Police want to remind you to make sure  you have proper registration in case you are pulled over because in towns like Fritch if you cannot provide proof the trailer is yours it will be taken.

Chief Leggett has some more tips on how to prevent your trailer from being stolen. "We Recommend to the public to lock the tongue with some kind of lock that is as much tamper proof as you can get and then run a cable through the wheels and around the axle that's probably the greatest deterrent you can do. If it's left unlocked and a thief sees it its very opportunist and they'll take it."