Pantex work stoppage to begin at midnight

Pantex work stoppage to begin at midnight

UPDATE: A strike has been approved by the Metal Trades Department in Washington. Existing labor contracts will expire at midnight and a strike will begin Saturday.


Amarillo, TX - The Metal Trades Council (MTC) is still waiting for final approval from Washington to strike, but Consolidated Nuclear Security (CNS) is already preparing should there be a work stoppage.

Thursday night the MTC, which represents 1,200 unionized Pantex employees, overwhelmingly voted against the latest labor contract from CNS and voted to strike. The unionized workers are fighting keep benefits such as health insurance and pensions.

If the Metal Trades Department in Washington approves the strike, it would start Saturday.

Michelle Reichert, the vice president and site manager for Pantex, issued the following statement Friday afternoon, "Work at Pantex will continue after CNS was informed by the MTC that its membership voted not to ratify the company's proposal for a new labor agreement. In the meantime, all exempt, non-exempt/non-bargaining and Pantex Guard Union-represented employees are expected to report to work as scheduled. Work will be available for all employees, including employees represented by the Metal Trades Council. In the event the MTC declares a work stoppage, the 12-103 Classroom has been reserved to "in process" MTC members who report to work during the negotiations impasse. I ask that each of you continue to ensure that safety, security, and quality standards are your priority, and that we treat each other with the utmost respect."