Dangerous building given two week grace period

Dangerous building given two week grace period

Amarillo,  TX - Earlier this week, Amarillo's Building Safety Department spoke with the City Council to have a structure condemned and demolished off of Adams and 10th Avenue.

"We've had over 50 police calls, the structure caught on fire twice and there was a fatality. It's a hazard to the community," said building official Scott McDonald.

McDonald says he reached out to the property owner several times, but never heard back. The property owner, Austin Baggley showed up to this week's city council meeting and said he never received notices and hasn't lived in Amarillo for a few years.

The council decided to give Baggley two weeks to fix the property. McDonald was surprised by the council's decision.

"They're not use to hearing citizens say they're going to take care of it and they don't necessarily have all the facts prior to them hearing it," said McDonald.

Residents and business owners nearby also don't like the decision.

"The building is an eye sore. It needs to be condemned and tore down," said concerned worker in the area, Bryan Walker.

Walker works next door to the abandoned building at Joe the Plumber, a business that doubles as a massage parlor. While the abandoned building hasn't affected plumbing business, it has affected the massage parlor.

"Vagrants will ask the massage clients for money and that's just bad business," said Walker.

While it might be difficult in two weeks, McDonald is hoping Baggley will get the building within compliance. If the city council agrees to demolish the property it will be at Baggley's expense.