New School Zone in Pampa

New School Zone in Pampa

A new school zone is slowing drivers down on state highway 70 in Pampa. 

Drivers on State Highway 70 are normally traveling around 55 mph as they approach Pampa Junior High School but the new school zone slows them down to 35 to help keep students safer.

When the school was built four years ago there was no need for the school zone, because all students where either bused or dropped off, but this year TxDOT determined it was necessary now that some students are walking. There are specific requirements that TxDOT uses to determine if a school zone is needed.

Paul Braun from TxDOT says,"The things we look for when we do put in a school zone; can the school be seen from the highway, are there pedestrians in the area, are parents dropping children off from the highway, and have there been any crashes in that particular vicinity?"

TxDOT will be back on scene to replace the temporary signs with permanent ones later this year. The school has also put in a request for a crosswalk but it is yet to be determined whether that would be safe.