Hair issues plague Dumas student hoping to play football

Hair issues plague Dumas student hoping to play football

Amarillo, TX -  An area student hopes his hair will not continue getting in the way of him playing football.

David Erlenbach is a lot like most freshman students...he has aspirations of playing sports, but his long locks aren't allowing that to happen and are stirring up some controversy.

It's the surface many high school students dream of playing on. And David Erlenbach is no different.

However he tells us the length of his hair is not allowing that to happen. The athletic policy states "hair will be out of eyes and off the collar and not below the ear lobe. Pony tails, mohawks, multi-color hair, etc. are not permitted.

To not break the rules, they have attempted to put David's hair in a bun. But they are still told he cannot play.

"It's making me feel upset...yeah," says David Erlenbach Jr.

"I'm not trying to find an easy way out or a hard way out. I just... I want my son to play. You know, that's only fair. Fact of the matter is we can comply with what their rules state. 100 percent. Not below the eyes, not below the ears. Not below the collar," says his father David Erlenbach Sr.

We reached out to the Dumas School District and no officials were available to comment. However superintendent Monty Hysinger sent us a statement reiterating the policy.

He says the district believes the guidelines set out in the district's athletic handbook are fair and appropriate. Erlenbach Sr. Says in the past, they have cut his son's hair...but it has now become a big part of him.

"My son wasn't the same person. He kind of lost who he was and we just let it grow from then on and that's my boy. He loves sports, he loves activities, he's involved you know. Not a trouble maker. I got a good kid. I'm proud of him."

While Erlenbach will not be allowed to play in the first game, he will be allowed to participate with the band.