Local law enforcement leaders discuss issues related to the job

Amarillo, TX - After recent dropped cases in our community, like the marijuana possession case of Robert Johnson, a crusade was sparked against police brutality.

There was also the Katie Speilbauer Capital Murder case, which was also dismissed. These two cases have many people in the community questioning our justice system and how well our law enforcement does its job.

"I think the more people that know about the Criminal justice system the better off our community will be," said 47th District Attorney Randall Sims.

This brought all of the law enforcement leaders to a special meeting Saturday morning. The Amarillo Community Relations Committee gathered a panel of our local law enforcement leaders to answer pre-written questions about what each department does.

"Any opportunity for us to get information out to the public is good and this is a good venue to do it," said Amarillo Police Department's Chief Robert Taylor.

Chief Taylor discussed training for his officers and the concerns with body camera funding. While both sheriff's from Potter and Randall County talked about the difference between the police department and their sheriff's office, as well as the importance of serving the community.

Sims talked about the prosecution process and also commented on how race is irrelevant in the Criminal justice system.

"It's not a topic of discussion in our office because we're going to treat everyone the same. My office doesn't talk about race because it's not important," said Sims.

While some found this meeting educational about how these department work, other found it a complete waste of time.

"They talked about training issues for police and jail procedures, what does that matter?" said Ryan Brown, attorney at Blackburn and Brown Law Firm.

Brown says the Robert Johnson case shows that APD's training is not working and more cop abuse cases are coming to light.

"They crammed it full of their cronies, they had pre-screened questions, and no one would ask questions. It was a joke," said Brown.

All of the officials today encourage the public to enroll in one of the three Citizens Academy Programs through either APD, Potter County Sheriff's Office, or the Randall County Sheriff's Office.

Amarillo's Community Relations Committee will have its next meeting October 10th to discuss the multi purpose event center.