Computer scam prominent in the panhandle

Amarillo, TX - An old computer scam continues to lure users by tricking them into clicking malicious links.

The Better Business Bureau said the scheme is known as the "Windows" or "Microsoft" scam.

Victims will receive a call from "Tech Support" warning of a virus on their computer that must be repaired immediately.

Scammers will then ask for your credit card number to fix the issue.

"The tech support scam has been around for a long time, and most scams have," Janna Kiehl, CEO of the BBB, said. "They come and go, there's an influx of calls on them periodically. And they just hope to find new victims. If these scam artists can find one victim, then they are successful. If they are successful in a particular area they'll continue to call."

The BBB warns to never give your credit card information over the phone.

It said once you have done so, you will continue to fall victim to the scammer who can then access personal information on your computer.