Higher beef prices cause increase in cattle theft

Higher beef prices cause increase in cattle theft

Amarillo, TX - Higher beef prices in Texas is leading to an increase in cattle theft.

The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association has tracked over 400 cases of stolen cattle so far this year.

A mother and her calf can cost up to $4500.

One local Amarillo rancher tells us there are many preventative measures that can be taken.

"Brand your cattle with a permanent brand as soon as possible as soon as you own them. Once they come in our cattle are branded within twelve hours," Bob Lindsey, the operator of BLT Ranch said.

Other preventative measures include making sure pens and gates are locked, and keeping an eye on cattle as much as possible.

"Make sure you check your cattle. If you've got cattle out you need to go out and check them at least daily, if not daily, every other day. Look for tracks. Look for things that say somebody might have been in there," he said. "Count your cattle, know how many are there. Just check up on them, you'll know if somebody has been in there or not."