Area woman illustrates not all who suffer from PTSD are veterans

Area woman illustrates not all who suffer from PTSD are veterans

Amarillo, TX - Teresa Murdock has spent 7 years working as an ER nurse and spent the past 7 months working to recover from a traumatic experience.

"I was behind a head on collision between a semi truck and a car. The truck went over into the other lane and hit the car," said Murdock.

Murdock acted like a first responder that day until the ambulance arrived.

"I was there with her trying to support her as best I could. Hold her neck and head. Keep her still and calm," said Murdock.

Three hours later at the hospital, the driver died from her injuries. Murdock says although she is a nurse and has seen much worse injuries, this one was different.

"Seeing that happen in front of me and what it did to an actual life, was a game changer for me. Then the PTSD starting hitting me," said Murdock.

At a special meeting on Thursday put on by Impact Futures, Murdock shared this story as well as the need to raise awareness of emergency responders who suffer from PTSD.

"Even nurses don't understand what first responders see. They take it for granted that they just bring people into us. It's not okay, we need that awareness," said Murdock.

Other agree the need to help is important. Project director for Impact Futures, LaViza Matthews says not having more programs to help medical officials with PTSD is a disservice to our community.

"When we teach our kids about not using drugs, we never just say 'don't use drug.' We say 'you need to have some healthy ways to deal with the mad, the bad, and the sad in your life'. It's magnified when you're first responder by 100 times," said Matthews.

Murdock says she would like to see more organizations locally and nationally that specifically help medical professionals with PTSD.

"You can't do your job well if you don't take care of yourself also," said Murdock.

If you know someone with PTSD and would like to get them help contact Impact Futures at 806 350-7623 or TalkSpace