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Amarillo start-up launches streaming service for online platform

A new Amarillo start up is launching a cloud streaming service for the online, virtual reality platform Second Life. 

Bright Canopy LLC's streaming service will allow user to access Second Life through a web browser without having to invest in high-end gaming computer systems. 

Second Life, however, is used for more than just entertainment. 

"Universities use it for classrooms, companies use it for conference rooms, and people use it for simulation of things and people also get in it to have fun," Bill Glover, founder of Bright Canopy said. "Go sailing, go riding, do all sorts of things. Go sky diving, turn into a dragon. Things you can't do in the real world sometimes."

The game can also be beneficial for those with disabilities. 

"It's a critical service for people with disabilities. There's an entire island that is set up just to help people on the autism spectrum to interact and have more social opportunities," Glover said. 

The service will launch globally August 29 and can be used for $17 a month. 

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