Storm has residents in clean-up mode after damage

Storm has residents in clean-up mode after damage

Amarillo, TX -  Tuesday night's storm left quite a bit of physical damage, that residents are struggling to clean up.

The American Red Cross is on scene to help those that need it, however many residents tell us they were not nearly prepared for this much damage.

Roofs in the street, and insulation stuck in fences is the evidence that remains after the storm from last night and this morning. Residents in the area of Greg Street in Canyon tell us it was around 2:00 in the morning when they felt the brunt of the storm. Aubie Hutcherson says he predicts winds up to one hundred miles per hour...something he has never seen.

"We've had a lot of wind before, but this is the worst I've ever seen it. It was just pretty bad," says Hutcherson.

"I feel like it was some sort of tornado because we have a dumpster that was facing  east and now it's facing south and it's about I don;t know 100 yards from where it originally was and then all the power poles were snapped and wires and everything so no, we've never seen like this in 23 years," says Suzanne Donais.

Hutcherson says the winds shook his home. After the noise had calmed down, he says he walked out to see damage he never expected.

"Once it kind quit I stepped out on my back patio and had some damage debris in the backyard. We had looked out the window there in the front yard of the house. We could tell that we had part of the porch gone and didn't realize until a little while later that it had curled the whole roof back," says Hutcherson.

"I heard all the wind and rain and our house it tied down with the pillars and we've never heard our house shake or rattle or anything and it was last night," says Donais.

Donais walked out to see their camper tipped over, and twisted metal from a barn down the road in their front yard. Hutcherson had just rebuilt their porch last month. While both families tell us they are a bit shook up, they share one thought in common.

"Initially I was glad that nobody was hurt, we're all still alive, we all still have our homes and it's material, but it's stuff you worked for so its heart breaking at that but it's okay," says Donais.

"We'll just rebuild when we get the insurance online. We'll fix it and go on," says Hutcherson.