Tips for keeping your child inside your home and safe at night

Tips for keeping your child inside your home and safe at night

A little boy is safe after wandering alone outside late Monday night and Canyon Police say that this is more common than you might think.

When parents aren't looking a small child can open a door and walk away from their home. Police are urging parents to make sure that they are keeping their children safe and inside the home. Children as young as 18 months can learn things that may put their lives in danger.

Vickie Findley, who works for Grace Learning Center says, "Just constantly know where they're at and what they are doing. If you know they are in there bedroom just peek in every once in awhile, don't just let them be. They will get into stuff that's when they learn how to do things is when they know their parents aren't watching."

Keeping your children safe can be as easy as putting a dead bolt where they cannot reach it or using a handle guard that makes the nob harder to turn. 

Police ask you to call quickly if you find a child wandering alone, and Canyon Chief of Police Dale Davis says, "get a real good description of what they're wearing, and the location if you can, and their direction of travel so that our officers will know." 

Another way  to keep your child from wondering is to install alarms to alert you if they are  trying to get out. Officials also want to remind parents to have extra protection if you have a pool or live on a busy street.