Pro downtown development meeting holds historic context

Pro downtown development meeting holds historic context

Amarillo, TX - The proposed downtown development in Amarillo has some residents speaking their minds about its impact, but Sunday's event in favor of the project held some historic context.

Black community leaders put together a jazz show downtown to showcase their voices being heard when it comes to city projects.

They said prior to the civil rights movement, blacks were not allowed to participate in many activities downtown.

With the MPEV being a hot topic they wanted to show that there are people hungry for something to do downtown.

"There are opportunities for city leaders to build things downtown that we are free to access that would improve the quality of lives of citizens in a community that needs it desperately," Keith Graves, event coordinator, said. "So when you think of MPEV you've got to include these types of venues, not just a ballpark mentality."

A concert was held to spread awareness that everyone has the right to equal input and participation, while also encouraging downtown growth.