Back to school health concerns

Back to school health concerns

Heading back to school means a higher risk of getting sick.

Dr. Amanda Griffin, M.D. at Texas Tech Physicians tells us the cluster of kids a new school year brings raises the prevalence and spread of germs.

She said kids often experience the common cold or a viral infection.

"Anti-biotics don't help with viruses and so usually the body's immune system gets rid of them, but it is very common to see that come in full force right after school start," Griffin said.

Dr. Griffin stresses that staying up to date on vaccines is the best way to prevent illnesses, but practicing good hygiene is just as important.

"It can be difficult to stay healthy. So things that help are good hand hygiene, teaching your kids to wash their hands before they eat meals, after they sneeze or cough, after they've shaken hands with other people, touching doorknobs," she said.