City officials take action to fix sinkhole

City officials take action to fix sinkhole

Amarillo city officials have already taken action to start fixing the large sinkhole trying to make it safe for local residents. After talking with residents the city has already taken action to make the hole safe for the neighborhood.

The sinkhole that is about three feet deep made residents concerned for their safety. Residents are also worried  for the safety of their children and hoped that the city would quickly fix the problem and the city wants the public to know that the problem is being addressed.

Amarillo City Street Superintendent Chris Mitchell says that the sinkhole was caused by faulty piping and they have already begun repairs. 

Mitchell also says that "they're currently finishing up the designs for the two locations then we will be bidding that project out to have a contractor come in with his equipment and be able to dig up and repair the pipes in both locations."

Mitchell also says that once the design plans are complete the repair should be finished quickly.

Officials say residents are safe as long as they stay outside of the barricades.