Back to school computer and online safety

Back to school computer and online safety

Going back to school might mean kids are using technologies that were absent during the summer, or their use might increase.

Parents are encouraged to monitor their kids use of social media and other online content.

"Make sure to friend them on Facebook and social media sites like that," Julie Korinek, Marketing Manager of Cat Man Du said. "I would also do phone checks and make sure they don't have anything installed on their phone, any social media apps, anything else that the parents wouldn't want them to have."

Parents can also keep their personal devices safe by using anti-virus software that updates automatically.

Korinek said that iPhones can be synced so that parents can monitor what their children are doing through their phones.

Children are urged to be cautious of sharing USB's or other portable devices to avoid getting viruses.

Korinek reminds kids to be cautious who they share information with and where.

"They should never put their cell phone online. They should never ever put their address online, things like that," she said. "A lot of kids are a lot more free with that information and they need to be really careful about that."