Fulton construction continues and will likely exceed deadline

Fulton construction continues and will likely exceed deadline

Amarillo, TX -  With the start of the school year right around the corner, areas around town will soon be seeing heavy traffic...but construction may make that more difficult.

Tractors and cones remain on Fulton between Coulter and Bell street. Residents were told the project would originally take seventy days, however city officials now tell us that is not likely.

Amarillo City Engineer Mark Read tells us the original project did not factor in weather days and all the recent weather has had an impact on time.

"All this rain that we've had has not affected them quite as much as it would on a normal project, but it has slowed them down and caused them some delays on it, otherwise they'd probably be done by now," says Read.

"A little over 50 percent of the project is done. But the rain has really put us behind and we're doing the best that we can to catch up," says Holmes Construction manager Thomas Carver.

Amarillo High School and Puckett Elementary are along the mile-long path of construction. With school beginning in twelve days, residents worry the traffic congestion will have a negative impact.

However Gloria Ramirez has lived right along the street for 35 years and says she thinks the final product will outweigh the current headaches.

"I believe that after they're through, it will be very nice. That road, Fulton really needed to be done. It was bumpy and it was rough and you know, it just needed to be done," says Ramirez.

While workers are trying to get as much completed before school as possible, they are heavily relying on mother nature.

"I don't have a day when it'll be done," says Carver. "We're doing the best we can fighting the weather for the last 30-45 days, so it's put us quite behind so we're gonna try and open it up for the school at least by the end of next week and then move forward to finish as quickly as possible."

"I'd say probably somewhere in the neighborhood of about 20 says or so at the...I think they can probably get it done there if we don't have any more weather that won't give us anymore trouble or anything and they're really working hard so they may be able to beat that," says Read. Carver tells us at the latest, the project is slated be completed right after labor day.