Lake Meredith water level near 60 feet

Lake Meredith water level near 60 feet

The water level at Lake Meredith is near 60 feet. Just two years ago the level was at 27 feet.

The decrease in water level affected local businesses and forced the Marina and CJ's Bait to close down due to the lack of customer traffic.

SharKen's HoneyHole replaced CJ's in May right in time for the heavy rainfall.

"It probably hit CJ's hard when it went down with the drought, and the lake levels going down and people not coming out," Sharlee Myers, owner of SharKen's said. "But we bought it in May and the rain started to fall, and our luck is held out and hopefully it's gonna raise higher."

Myers said that the rain has brought back fishing to the lake, and a heavy supply of recreational traffic including skiing, wake boarding, and tubing.

"Well people are coming from Amarillo and all around to use the lake," Myers said. "People in Fritch probably always did the whole time, but people coming from out of town are coming back."