Amarillo residents plead for limited watering near flooded playa lakes

Amarillo residents plead for limited watering near flooded playa lakes

Amarillo, TX - Amarillo residents living near flooded playas are asking neighbors not affected by the flooding to be more aware of their watering habits.

Those residents say it is not just rain contributing to their flooding problems, but runoff water from surrounding neighborhoods.

One of the problem areas is Catalpa Lane in South Amarillo, which remains under water. For residents like Deborah Anderson, it's not the threat of more rain this week that's a concern. It's her neighbors across the street in City View.

"My concern is that while I can't stop the rain and the water coming from the sky, the water coming down the drainage ditch and the roadways across the way is feeding into the playa lake, which is causing it to flood closer and closer to my home," said Anderson.

All of the runoff water from residents at City View ends up in a drainage ditch near Catalpa Lane, which spills into the nearby flooded playa.

Anderson said runoff water from City View has worried her for weeks, but something she witnessed this weekend was the last straw. "It was a guy washing his car and he just had his hose in his driveway and it was just running and running down the driveway. He was over at the car and he wasn't even at the hose. I'm sure he didn't know, but that was gallons and hundreds of gallons probably by the time it mixes with the sprinklers coming into that lake, that canal, that at 25 ft. deep is full."

Anderson and others affected by the flooding are now asking City View residents to limit their watering. "Stop watering your grass for a while," pleaded resident Wes Thompson. "We've got enough rain and stuff to let it grow. It's growing on its own. We don't need to water it. I know they want green lawns, but we have to pass up some green to keep somebody else from drowning."

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10