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Power outage investigation ongoing

Wes Reeves, Xcel Energy Wes Reeves, Xcel Energy
Nate Magloughlin, Trinity Baptist Church Nate Magloughlin, Trinity Baptist Church
Rachel Keith, Sports Clips Rachel Keith, Sports Clips

Amarillo, TX -  Locals are catching up in more ways than one after one of the largest power outages in Amarillo in recent years.

15,000 people are breathing a sigh of relief after they were without power for nearly eight hours on Sunday.

At around 10:15 a.m., homes and businesses in south central Amarillo went to black. The outage stemmed from the substation located at south Georgia and 45th Avenue and the Lawrence Park substation. Xcel Energy crews were sent out shortly after.

"We sent crews in immediately and began the process of taking those customers and moving them to other feeds," says Spokesperson Wes Reeves. "Basically tapping other sources of power around that area to get them on as quickly as possible."

Sundays are the peak days for church traffic. Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church Nate Magloughlin tells us they even had to hold a service in the dark and without air conditioning.

"We have the stained glass you can see here, so we had a little bit of light, but it was dark and we encouraged people to take their cell phones out. You usually don't do that in a church service, but encouraging them to take their cell phones out so you could have a little extra light of course you can see the candles up front and we just lit the candles and we just sang out of the hymnal," says Magloughlin.

And churches weren't the only establishments feeling the heat. Businesses in the Wolflin Village area were hit hard. Assistant manager at Sports Clips Rachel Keith says power was in and out during haircuts. She says they eventually had to turn customers away completely.

"Just opening about 15 to 20 and then throughout the day like they would come in and see the note on the door, so I mean we couldn't give any more haircuts and then there was like 10 in the waiting room and they all had to leave," says Keith.

While businesses are back to normal today, the cause for the  is ruckus is still under investigation. Reeves tells me from lightening to energy strain...they aren't ruling any possibility out.

"We do know it's a major inconvenience and we don't want this to happen again, so we're going to be very deliberate about how we investigate this, what we find to fix it so it won't happen like this again."

Reeves says the company is extremely proud of their linemen and substation electricians, and all the men and women who worked hard to restore power.

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