Xcel reports power outages in South Central Amarillo

Xcel reports power outages in South Central Amarillo

UPDATE: Shortly after 5 p.m. Xcel was  able to re-energize Lawrence Park Substation and restore power in the Wolflin neighborhood.

Details on the issue at the substation are still unclear, but is put back in order.

Xcel is grateful for customer patience through this long restoration.

As customers work to cool down their homes, Xcel reminds them to gradually move the thermostat down to avoid any overloading.


UPDATE: About 1,200 customers, mostly in the Wolflin neighborhood,  are still without power.

Xcel warns customers in this area should be prepared to be without power throughout the afternoon. If customers have elderly family members in the home, or are caring for sick family members or small children, please consider moving them to a cool location with a friend or neighbor who has power.

Also, Xcel asks to please check on your neighbors and help them as you're able.

The company is currently working to restore service to everyone as soon as possible, and appreciates your patience as crews work through this difficult outage.


Amarillo, TX - Around 15,000 customers in south central Amarillo were without power today, however Xcel Energy reports all but 3,700 customers in the I-40-Georgia area have had power restored.

Crews were immediately on site to determine the cause. Amarillo police reported several traffic controlled intersections were affected from I-40 to 45th and from Washington to Western.

Xcel said it is continuing to reroute power into the affected areas from nearby substations and is hoping to have as many of the remaining customers as possible back in service later this afternoon.

The energy company said because of the hot day, the load on these facilities will be high. Xcel is asking those who do have power to conserve.

Turn up air conditioning thermostats to 78 degrees, turn off unnecessary lighting and put off use of high-energy appliances until 7 p.m.

Xcel is testing equipment at the Lawrence Park Substation to determine what caused the outage.

An update is expected around 3 p.m.