Area woman battles ALS

Amarillo, TX - A woman diagnosed with an incurable disease is facing even more hardship when it comes to the care she needs to live a comfortable life.

Sometimes we are overcome with hardships that we can't seem to find our way out of, but if we're lucky we have someone holding our hand along the way. And that's exactly what Bobbie Carter has, an army of warriors, standing beside her until the very end.

Bobbie has the face of a warrior. She's someone who's overcome many hurdles in her life, proving that she's not only spunky, silly and caring, but determined and tough.

Those who shed tears for her are not how Bobbie wants others to feel when they think about her, but her diagnosis is tragic. She's already overcome breast cancer, and now, she has ALS.

"She's always been very independent and very self reliant," Melinda Flores, Bobbie's daughter, said. "It's been her and my dad and they haven't had to ask for much. So then this happened. She can't walk, she can't do any of the stuff she did. She can't make meals. it's just tough."

ALS is a debilitating disease, causing nerve cells to break down over time and die. There is no cure, and eventually those diagnosed suffer an inevitable fate...suffocation.

Bobbie is a fighter, but in order for her to be comfortable, she needs a specialized wheelchair costing $45,000. Her insurance doesn't cover it, and without it she'd have no mobility, so a dear friend decided to start raising money.

"The amount of money that they are asking for this wheel chair, it's not something that people have saved up,": Melinda McNutt, a family friend, said. "And I literally laid in bed at night and thought what can I do to at least take a fraction of the burden off."

McNutt started a GoFundMe page along with making "Bobbie's Warriors" t-shirts and wristbands. You can find those here if you wish to donate. and

She hopes to not only help Bobbie, but also bring awareness to the realness of ALS.

Bobbie's daughter said her mother would never ask for help, but when she heard people were willing to aid her in this situation, her response was priceless...she cried.

Bobbie is currently in hospice, but to her that doesn't mean anything.

"She's a very Christian lady so she knows that God has a plan," Flores said. "And although we don't understand it right now, we know that He's doing this for a reason and we just take it day by day."