Flooding in south Amarillo causing problems for residents

Flooding in south Amarillo causing problems for residents

Amarillo, TX - Some residents in South Amarillo are feeling stuck after heavy rains left their area flooded. This flooding is happening on Catalpa Street, off of Western and South of Hillside and the Business Park.

"It will get worse if we don't get things taken care of out here," said concerned neighbor off of Delta Street, Harley Penny.

Penny hasn't been able to go to work because Catalpa Street, which surrounds his street is impassable.

"I drive a 4 wheel drive and I can't even get out of the driveway, I don't want to risk ruining my vehicle," said Penny.

Other neighbors like Jackie Juliano and her daughter are finding other ways to get around Catalpa Street.

"We had to use a raft to get down the street with my daughter because I don't want her getting all soaking wet. You know, We're just trying to get out of here. Get in and out," said Juliano.

Getting in and out of their homes is just one of the several concerns these residents are facing.

"I haven't been receiving my mail and my trash hasn't been dumped for about a week of two," said Penny.

"School is starting soon and if parents can't take their kids to school, they're going to go to court," said Juliano.

Earlier on Monday, Randall County deputies along with their fire department and the city's Emergency Management were checking to see if anyone needed to be evacuated. There sheriff's office says two people were transported as water was seeping into their homes.

Many residents appreciate the county's efforts, but say this road has been flooded for weeks and more needs to be done.

"It hadn't been so bad until they put in these drainage ditches around us," said Penny.

"We really do need help out here. Eventually, if it keeps raining, it's going to be the whole neighborhood flooded," said Juliano.

As of right now, there is no word if Randall County or the city will help with flooding on Catalpa Street. Officials ask people to avoid not only this area, but all flooded areas in the city.