All Amarillo lake and playa pumps operational

All Amarillo lake and playa pumps operational

Heavy rain fall continued in Amarillo Friday, but with little incident to water pumps for lakes and playas.

City Engineer, Mark Read, tells us the playas were closed for less than two hours.

Though the city experienced little incident today, he encourages citizens to remain cautious when driving during storms and not to drive through water if you don't know how deep it is.

"With all these lakes at or near capacity it doesn't take a lot of rain and we're gonna have some localized street flooding in areas," Read says. "Maybe in some places where people don't normally see issues like that."

During rainfall the city deploys workers to monitor pumps to see whether or not they need to be shut down.

Read said this keeps times that the city must shut down pipes to a minimum.

All pumps are currently operational.