Amarillo Cannabis Culture to march to courthouse

Amarillo Cannabis Culture to march to courthouse

Amarillo, TX - Marchers will converge at the Potter County courthouse to demand a 2007 marijuana law be enforced within the city.

The Amarillo Cannabis Culture is forcibly making a name for itself by taking action against public officials,however those officials aren't quite sure the organization is pointing fingers at the right people.

"I have no idea how they think I'm costing tax payers $700,000," Scott Brumley, Potter County Attorney, said.

That's his reaction to the accusation made by the Amarillo Cannabis Culture.

The organization said Brumley is unjustly putting those caught with less than 4 ounces of marijuana in jail. According to a Texas law passed in 2007, officers who deal with these offenses can issue a citation, rather than taking the offender to jail.

"As the chief law officer in this county, all Scott Brumley has to do is to refuse to accept cases that cops bring him where they arrest people for marijuana possession," Ryan Brown, partner and attorney at Blackburn & Brown, said. "Now why would he do that? It costs us a lot individually, and as a whole

Brown said it costs Potter County taxpayers more than half a million dollars to keep those caught with small marijuana possessions in jail before their court date. However, Brumley said the law is already enforced, and he's not the guy to go after because the law leaves the handling up to the police officers discretion.

"The key misunderstanding here is that the prosecutor directs the police not to honor that discretion that the officer has," Brumley said. "We really don't have the authority to tell the cops in the field how to do their job, when or where to arrest somebody or not arrest somebody. We grade their papers on the back end to use a common expression."

As for now, the two will have to agree to disagree. As for the organization, they hope bringing awareness to the issue will encourage taxpayers to vote Brumley out of office.

The Amarillo Cannabis Culture plans on marching from the office of Blackburn & Brown on 16th St. to the Potter County Courthouse at 2:30 where Brumely's office is located to showcase its frustration.

However, since it's Saturday, Brumley said he will not be there.