Dumas fire department gets new equipment

Dumas fire department gets new equipment

The Dumas Fire Department received a grant that helped them purchase a new tanker to transport water from brush trucks to fire sites.

The tanker is a surplus vehicle from the US military, who makes them available to fire departments when they are done using them.

The department will be able to take the tanker off road to during rural or hard to reach fires that traditional tankers could not reach.

"It'll be deployed on larger wild fires so we can keep the tanker on the highway instead of on the dirt roads," Jason Chavez, a fireman at the department said. "But if we need it to go somewhere else, a bad snowstorm during a rural fire that we have, a rural structure fire we'll be using it there too."

Chavez believes the tanker will help the department be more efficient during fires.

"It'll make our job a lot easier, a lot smoother," Jason Chavez a fireman at the department said. "A lot quicker times on filling our brush trucks up and we can be able to put out more fire on the fire line."

The tanker is one of the only in the panhandle and could be in use within a month.