Pumping begins at Greenways playa lake

Pumping begins at Greenways playa lake

Amarillo, TX - The pumping of water from the overflowing Greenways playa lake began today.

The City of Amarillo said water levels at McDonald Lake have lowered quicker than anticipated.

This means McDonald now has room to accommodate water from Greenways.

However with recent storms on the way, the city says more rainfall could change their plans...and put a halt to pumping.

"Right now because the lake at the Greenways, it's actually playa number 7 as we call it, is probably our highest priority right now because we do have houses that have been flooded out there," Mark Read, City Engineer said. "So that lake has come to the top for the reason because it's the most dangerous right now as far as impacting damage to somebody's property."

The City's environmental lab tested water samples from both lakes for E. coli, and results show levels are of no concern.

However, the City is advising residents to avoid wading into these waters.

If you do happen to come in contact with the water, wash your hands thoroughly.

The City is still testing individual water wells and will get tests back later today.