Stratford Police say marijuana an ongoing battle

Stratford Police say marijuana an ongoing battle

Stratford, TX -  The City of Stratford has a population of around 2000 and a police force of just three, however they aren't letting their numbers stop them from getting marijuana off Texas streets.

This year alone, over 19 pounds of marijuana, five pounds of THC products and $5,000-$7,000 of paraphernalia. 
While the numbers are minuscule when compared to larger departments, for a staff of just three, it's anything but an easy task. And though officers are stationed in Stratford, they tell us 99 percent of the products are coming from Colorado.

"There's very few mile between here and Colorado I mean you just got a little bit of highway in Oklahoma that separates us and you're getting a lot of people that are just going up right across the border and coming right back," says patrolman Michael McHugh.

"We've seen lots of packaged marijuana," says patrolman Richard Coborn. "THC edibles in candy form, drink form. Lots of the THC concentrates. The shatters, the waxes, the oils."
In a given day, officers can see up to three possession cases. They tell us items higher in concentration are becoming easier to transport...and easier to hide.

Now officers are having to learn even more about what to be on the look out for.

"They think they can go up to Colorado and buy it legally, that it's now legal to transport it across state lines, so that's how we're getting the majority of it," says Coborn.

"We've gotten people as young as 18 and people in their 60s, so there's not really a specific demographic that's going up there and buying marijuana products," says McHugh.

As far as changing protocol for the influx in busts....not anytime soon.

But they do plan on continuing their partnership with area law enforcement.

"Everybody teachers one another what they're seeing and every area is different," says Coborn. "Every traffic stop is different. And it's just continuously learning from those and sharing that with fellow law enforcement."

Stratford Police tell us the majority of these cases resulted in a felony charge.