Big Texan hoping to contribute to economy with possible move

Big Texan hoping to contribute to economy with possible move
Big Texan co-owner Bobby Lee
Big Texan co-owner Bobby Lee

Amarillo, TX -  A tourist attraction in Amarillo may soon be making a move that owners say will help further stimulate the economy.

People come from all around the world to experience Amarillo's own Big Texan Steak Ranch. Perhaps what many find most attractive is the possibility of a free steak should they eat it quick enough.

After 55 years and one move, owners have a big decision.

Is it time to move the Big Texan?

The restaurant loses around 50 people a day who cannot find parking or do not want to wait. "That would give us more options for other interests, other attractions, other ancillary facilities that would compliment the visitor's stay at Amarillo so we're kind of leaning moving towards down the street a little bit more," says Co-owner Bobby Lee.

"I'm sure that more capacity of course it'll be better for business, you know," says visitor Bob Haddad.

While Lee tells us they are excited to have more space for customers,he says they are also excited to make even *more* of a contribution to Amarillo's economy. "We'll have a lot of ancillary , indoor waterparks, entertainment venues that'll be able to move there next to us because we have 120 acres to work with," says Lee. "So we would be creating a destination for Amarillo which once again, it's a great thing for the entire region, not just Amarillo but the entire region & tourism as Amarillo know it...will change."

The move would be a short one...just  half a mile west on I-40. Talks of the move, however do not seem to be affecting visitors from wanting to come back.

"Of course we would, yes," says Haddad. "I've been here before and I know I'll come back."
Owners have spoken with architects and other officials and say a decision is expected within the next 30 days.

Should they decide yes, shovels will hit the dirt between November and December.