UPDATE: One arrested, three treated after related assaults in south Amarillo

UPDATE: One arrested, three treated after related assaults in south Amarillo

From the Amarillo Police Department:

More information on incident in City View area, no more arrests at this time.

UPDATE 7-27-2015 - The detective assigned is continuing to gather and review information.  This investigation involved many officers and over twenty people who provide varying accounts of the incidents from differing perspectives.  More investigation into what happened on Springfield has led the investigators to believe that people related to the man arrested after the stabbing drove by the home on Springfield in multiple cars.  They stopped and two or more got out of the cars, ran into the yard, and assaulted two adult brothers of the resident of the home.  He is related to a juvenile involved.  During the fight in the yard, two men got to the front door, causing someone inside to close the door due to fear that the men were forcing their way in.  There were several people, including children, present.  The resident armed himself with a handgun and went out into the yard, where his brothers were being assaulted.  He told investigators that he fired two shots in their defense.  One man, HM, sustained a bullet wound in the back.  The other, a WM, sustained a bullet wound on the back of the upper arm and shoulder area.  Both were hospitalized as described in the original release.  No more recent condition information is available.  At this point they are regarded as suspects in an assault.  Their names cannot be released unless charges are filed.  The home owner's brothers did not sustain serious injury.  The home owner was interviewed and released pending investigation.  Upon completion, this case will be referred to the District Attorney's Office.  Officers retained the .380 caliber handgun used in the incident as evidence.

If you have cell phone video or information about this case, contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 378-4257.


Amarillo, TX - Amarillo Police have released more information on the altercation that left one stabbed in the back and two with gunshot wounds.

The incident started around 3:30 Saturday afternoon at City View Elementary. Police say teenagers from a local high school planned the fight from the beginning.

APD received the call of a large fight involved 20 to 30 people. While officer were responding, a teenager was stabbed in the back and taken to the hospital by a witness.

After investigating on scene, officers arrested 31-year-old Ruben Isreal Sanchez for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and he was booked into the Randall County Jail. The stab victim is reportedly in stable condition, however the controversy continued.

About two hours later, police say a small group of people from the fight at the school tried to force their way into a home in the 3500 block of Springfield.

Police say the homeowner pushed the people into his yard and shot two males. Both were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Some of the residents in this area say an incident like this is unheard of in their neighborhood and some are actually considering moving to another place.

Everyone involved in the altercation have been released for now, but an investigation is underway.