Is it finally Tex Randall's time?

Is it finally Tex Randall's time?

Canyon, TX - With the exception of a few minor changes, Canyon is hoping to restore one of the tallest cowboys in Texas to his former glory.

He stands 47 feet tall and weighs seven tons.

If you've ever driven past US Highway 60 in Canyon, you've likely seen him.

Tex Randall was built in 1959 by William Harry Wheeler.

"He was actually built for Mr. Wheeler's shop to attract visitors to his store, so 47 feet later, he's getting people to his store," Honnah Taylor of Canyon Main Street said.

Since being built, time and damage have taken their toll on Tex.

It was refurbished in the late 1980's, but officials say he is due for an upgrade.

Thanks to private and community donations and grants, the time has finally arrived.

"This has been a process. It takes a while obviously to raise funds. We acquired him in 2010 and have been raising funds since then," Taylor said.

Area business owners said they have heard rumors of renovations before.

Gerardo Perez owns El Patio Mexican Restaurant located just feet from the statue and says this time, he is optimistic.

"For us, it's a very positive thing to do and also for the community of Canyon. It's going to be like tourists shopping and spending money. If not here, with the rest of the community... the rest of commerce," Perez said.

The entire stature will be refurbished and will remain in its same location.

Taylor said it's been a long time coming, but is well worth the wait.

"Yeah, he has been sitting there for a number of years like that, but he's not going anywhere," Taylor said.

The renovations are set to begin late this summer or early fall.

Tex Randall will be the primary focus, and a park and visitors center will follow.