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Country singer Daron Norwood found dead in Hereford apartment

Daron Norwood (Photo /Facebook) Daron Norwood (Photo /Facebook)
Buena Vista Apts. / Hereford, TX Buena Vista Apts. / Hereford, TX

Amarillo, TX - Country singer, Daron Norwood was found dead Wednesday afternoon in an apartment in Hereford, according to police.

Norwood, famously known for his hit single, "Cowboys Don't Cry" is also known in town for his peculiar behavior.

It was 2009 when Norwood brought the house down in Panhandle, but not  in a good way.

"When he started yelling at the kids and the principal and the coaches, it kind of scared me for a minute," a former Panhandle student said in an interview after the incident. "I was kind of thinking if anyone pushes him any further...I was like, what's going to happen?"

That's an interview from  a student in 2009, when Norwood was asked to speak at a Panhandle high school assembly. His unruly comments to students resulted in administrators pulling a fire alarm to end the so-called chaos.

A warning was then sent out to all Region 16 high schools about the singer's odd behavior. Norwood apparently struggled with drugs and alcohol throughout his career, and after the incident, gave NewsChannel 10 in an exclusive interview.

"Panhandle high school, you heard the message loud and clear, 'keep it straight' is more than three words, its a lifestyle," Norwood said. "Just because I chose some bold words to prove my point, of abuse, of my father, when I said that 'h' word, what I really should have said was, he made a mistake because papa was an alcoholic, and it cost my dad. And because it cost my dad, he beat me, I forgave my father. I love you dad."

It's clear Norwood lived a troubled life, and while we aren't sure what Norwood was trying to convey, the pain he expressed was genuine.

Norwood was only 49. 

Investigators who found him said there were no signs of foul play or trauma to his body.

Although we know Norwood had his strange tendencies, we hope to remember him as he was on stage, full of life.

Norwood's body is being sent off for an autopsy to be performed in Lubbock. The apartment he was staying is said not to be his permanent home, however why he was staying there is unknown at this time.

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