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Claude County Courthouse pride

Judge Hugh Reed Judge Hugh Reed

Amarillo, TX - The Armstrong County Courthouse said it serves its community with dignity and respect.

Who better to lay down the law than the County Judge, who was born and raised in Claude?

Judge Hugh Reed began his career in the military, but found his way back home to serve the community.

He said the courthouse is historical and still functions like it did back in the day, without air conditioning.

"You can see that we have to prioritize what we are going to do and then accomplish things one thing at a time," Reed said. "That's the reason this courtroom still isn't air conditioned and you know, that can be done. Of course you wouldn't want to schedule a jury trial in July or August, but then again, we can make that work and eventually we will air condition this."

Judge Reed said it's part of the courthouse charm, but the courthouse pays as it goes for projects it needs, saving a lot of money.

Judge Reed said visiting Armstrong County is the closest visitors can get to old town Texas.

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