Claude ISD dominates STAAR test

Claude ISD dominates STAAR test

Amarillo, TX - The Claude Independent School District is proud to announce the outstanding achievement of their students this past year.

Superintendent Jeff Byrd said his faculty and staff are the best around. The Claude school district even buses in kids from Amarillo to give them a quality education.

With state testing causing headaches this year for some schools, Claude ISD said they're right on track.

"In the elementary on our STAAR test, the level 2 passing, we were 100% in all promotional grades and in the high school we just blew it out of the water," Byrd said.

100% of Claude High School students passed in all subjects.

Byrd said the district focuses on teaching students individually rather than focusing on the test as a whole.

He said doing this with students takes care of the test itself.