APD motor officers get new uniforms

APD motor officers get new uniforms

Amarillo, TX - You might have noticed more APD motorcycles on patrol in Amarillo yesterday, but APD said it's not more patrol, just better visibility of officers thanks to new uniforms.

APD Motor Squad officers are wearing a new piece of gear to promote visibility and safety. Their dark blue uniform shirts have been replaced with blue shirts that feature bright green shoulder, back, and chest panels, along with large silver reflective lettering on the back.

This visibility advantage is why APD officers wear the reflective bright green or orange safety vests while out on traffic accident scenes.

In addition to the visibility, the shirts improve comfort for the officers.  APD Motor Sergeant Wes Hill said "With the mesh material in the top of the shirt and the lighter color, the shirts are much cooler…and anything helps when you are sitting on the hot motorcycle engine, on blacktop, and wearing a dark pants and the high topped boots."

The Motor officers also wear a full coverage helmet with built in radio communication, superior for the officer's safety but hotter than the half-coverage helmet worn years ago.

APD Motor officers are often first on the scene of traffic accidents, and are routinely assigned to direct traffic at accident scenes, as well as parades and other incidents on the roadway.

Their motorcycles do not have the same visibility protection afforded by a patrol car's size, color scheme, and roof mounted LED light bars.

A common statement from drivers involved in accidents with motorcycles is "I didn't even see the motorcycle."  With the bright shirts, motor officers hope to increase their visibility, prevent accidents, and keep all drivers aware that they are out there.