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ACOG asks residents to share experiences with Amarillo police

Amarillo, TX - A local group pushing for a citizens oversight committee to monitor the Amarillo Police Department is now reaching out to the community.

The Amarillo Citizens for Open Government plans to post thousands of flyers throughout Amarillo. The flyers ask residents to share their experiences with local police brutality or misconduct. The flyer reads, "It's time to tell the truth about the APD. Call the Amarillo Citizens for Open Government (ACOG) if you or someone you know has been mistreated. Tell us your story safely and confidentially. The time to act is now. Amarillo's leaders need to know how bad things really are. Only if victims come forward can we make our city better." It then lists ACOG's number as 806-371-8333.

Local attorney Jeff Blackburn said ACOG wants to know what exactly the problem is so the group can then address those problems through their proposed oversight committee.

The group held a meeting on July 9 that was attended by more than 300 people, including Chief of Police Robert Taylor and several members of the Amarillo City Council. At the meeting, those in attendance listened to seven testimonies of alleged police brutality. ACOG plans to host another public forum sometime in September.

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